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Are you tired of playing games and apps on your smartphone? While it seems to be fun to play different games on your mobile device with thousands of apps and games available for you to download without any charge, a physical toy is still different when it comes to providing realistic entertainment. And of the toys that we’re talking about is the 3X3 Speed Cube. Not only it’s easy to learn and play with, it’s also playable for children up to adults. Should you wish to kill your boredom, we round up the best Best 3X3 Speed Cube that you can get.

Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Speed Cube

For the best 3×3 Speed Cube, it’s about getting the entertainment without any hazardous chemical to the user at the same time without letting the user cheat their way to win the game. With that said, the Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Speed Cube is the best when it comes to the aforementioned features. The Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Speed Cube features sticker-less colored tiles all over with 6 solid colors to ensure no cheating may occur. The gameplay mechanism is greatly improved compared to the rest of its anti-pop tech and structure for a smooth experience and durable construction. In short, the Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Speed Cube is the professional toy that everyone can own.

Hasbro Rubik’s Cube Game

Coming off as the second best 3×3 speed cube, the Hasbro Rubik’s Cube Game is the perfect match for every beginner wanting to learn and grasp the basics of the game. The Hasbro Rubik’s Cube Game comes in two packaging of standard and frustration-free. The Hasbro Rubik’s Cube Game features the standard 6 color tiles to crack your brains up. The premium package comes in the form of a display stand should you wish to present your ability to complete and solve a 3×3 speed cube. Since it’s for beginners, the Hasbro Rubik’s Cube Game comes with a colorful solution guide.

Dayan ZhanChi 3×3 Speed Cube

Coming off as the third best 3×3 speed cube and completing the list of our best, the Dayan ZhanChi 3×3 Speed Cube focus on speed and completing the problem as soon as possible. If you’re an advanced player and wanting to improve the completion speed of the game, the Dayan ZhanChi 3×3 Speed Cube is the perfect match for you. Speed solving is the main reason why it’s created. Other features included for the Dayan ZhanChi 3×3 Speed Cube is the sticker-less 6 solid color of tiles together with the Chinese character in the middle that sets itself apart from the crowd.

What to Look For

One might think that playing 3×3 speed cube is all about gaining entertainment. While it’s true in essence, some treat the game of 3×3 speed cube as a way to improve their thinking and solving abilities while others keep themselves atop of the race by competing professionally. And yes, there are competitions in the world that hold pro events which identify players as the quickest 3×3 speed cube solver. In this case, choosing the right 3×3 speed cube depending on your level of expertise looks to be a bit complicated unlike buying an RC toy which you only need to look out for is the looks if you’re all about getting the fun out of it.

For the 3×3 speed cube, it’s about getting the best experience from each turn that you make. Knock off 3×3 speed cubes don’t have this kind of feature, most of the time, the turn and pop feel stiff making it hard for the player to turn the tiles in which might end up breaking into pieces. And later on, you’ll find yourself putting the pieces one by one instead of solving the problem of the game. To prevent this from happening, we put up quick guidelines in which you can use when you’re out looking for a 3×3 speed cube.

The first thing you need to look out for is the feel of pop and turn. The best way to identify this is to test the toy itself. Play the toy as if you’re a professional and try to feel if the whole experience is consistent and smooth all throughout. Once you’re done with that check the tiles.

Tiles should be colored and not stickered. Stickers peel off easily after a certain amount of use and can be replaced which makes cheating inevitable. For the best experience, get the non-sticker colored tiles. This way, you’ll be able to train yourself properly and improve your problem-solving ability.


The use of 3×3 Speed Cube combines entertainment and problem-solving ability in which can be for fun only or for professional use. With that said, the best 3×3 Speed Cube is the Xtimer X-V6 Anti-pop 3×3 Speed Cube.

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